I started as a runner. 6th grade track. Won a team award but I forget what it was called, basicallyI tried every event, long jump, hurdles, 1 mile run…..might have been most inspirational? Did freshman/sophomore track. Events were the 1 mile and 2 mile. No stand out performances. Not many memories. My days in community college I spent my time and money working on my car, a 71 Datsun 510. May have done some running here and there but don’t remember, have to check back on my race bibs and pictures.

While at CSU Long beach, that is were everything really began. Not on any team just running for myself. The year 1985, Los Angeles announced they were to put on their 1st marathon. I wanted to be a part of it. My first marathon, finished in just under 4 hours, many years later I set a my 2nd fasted time here (of course not the same route) with a time of 2:48:18. The month before I was in South Africa were I set my PR with a time of 2:48:15.

My running career temporarily ended for next couple of years. A student atArt Center College of Design in Pasadena I had no time for fun and fortunately it gave me plenty of time to heal my stress fracture in my shin. No running no nothing, just school. Upon graduation, I moved back to San Fran Bay area, made some cash and headed to the midwest, Chicago.

Started running a while after moving to Chicago, the marathon here was my motivation. Well 13 or so years later I had competed in over 25 marathon/50ks all over the world. Chicago is a great starting point of world travel. Many wears ago I never thought I would be a triathlete, I did not think I would be able to afford a bike. Well fortunately, that ended up not being an obstacle. Marathons were becoming a little passe, everyone was doing them. I wanted to break away form that so triathlon became my next sport.

I never owned a 10 speed bike before so was not much of a cyclist, running was my back ground. Swimming, well not much over the last decade. My first season I competed on a MTB bike. Of course I raced with 1 inch tires added aero bars and fast forward seat post. My first races I was limited to stock gear inched. For big races I swopped out the crank with a bigger chain ring to get me the top end speed to truley compete. My first year had some great result, always in top 10 and in the MTB division races I won several of them.

Purchasing a real tri bike a year later, I set my goal on competing in an iron distance triathlon. I chose The Great Floridian. Well, that was my first and I have since competed in over 22 iron distance races. I still have potential to improve in certain areas. That is one motivation to keep at it.

3x Team USA for World’s Triathlon Long Course Championships.
Team USA World’s Duathlon Long Course Championship
5x USAT All- American, 3x Honorable Mention
4x XTERRA USA Championship participant

I am very grateful for the sponsors over the years. They have helped me stay motivated and enjoy I spreading the word about products/services that are the best in class.

Multiple years as part of various Athlete Sponsored Teams
(Degree Ironman, Snickers Marathon Energy Bar, Nokia 5140, and  Aquaphor)
Team Zoot Gu, Team Gu and now currently a Gu Sports ambassador athlete
2x Team
Various sponsors over the years: FluidiBike, and Torelli


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