IM Cabo 2014

IM Cabo 2014 – makes iron-distance number 30.

limited training still netted a descent time.

Swim – 1:02 (could have been a little short).

Bike – 5:55 better that expected. Was expecting a much harder course based upon local info. First race with Kestrel 4000 custom build. Very comfortable and relaxed.
Garmin data link:

Run – 4:28 managed a nine minute faster run than last IM run.
Lack of training show up here.
Garmin data link:

Finish time – 11:31:xx
16 minutes faster than my last IM back in September  ’13.
13th in AG and 216th OV.

Local transportation and lodging courtesy of Rodrigo R. Would not have been possible without the hospitality.

Full race report to follow (some day)



One thought on “IM Cabo 2014

  1. wow you are amazing. I wish I was comfortable with something! anything! You are made of titanium… you need an ultra ironman under your belt! Lisa

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