Double at Spring Sprint


May 5, 2013
South Shores- San Deigo

Tired of DNS, so had to give it a go. I signed up for both the duathlon and triathlon way back in January (when not injured) to take advantage of the early registration rates. My big event is coming up in the beginning of June and I need to know if I’ll be able to compete. Not at the level I want, but just to do the event.

This race venue changed a little bit rom previous. The bike course added an extra mile or so. I have done the double a few times before and have made it back in time to make my adjusted start for the triathlon. This time, the longer bike course and my slower times made me miss my triathlon start time by four minutes or so.


Since i was not “racing”, I needed to see what kind of shape I was in. No running for the last month or so, mainly swimming with a couple of bike rides. Did not press it on the first run, just easy going. bike was fine, did not have (or need) the fighting spirit in me. And the second run was tempo but quite a bit off of my norm.

My Magellan Switch up, did not sync with any satellites and removed before the race, so I was only running on feel. On the bike my Motorola MotoActv was set on run, do did not have mph or cadence to keep me honest. I had no I idea what my overall time was until the finish clock. My second race, the triathlon, was to start 70 minutes after the duathlon start. If I had a watch with overall running time, I may have pushed myself a little harder. I walked the last 10 yards to the finish line. No competitors around , so no need to hurry.


 Finish: 1:00:10. 1st  AG, 9th OV

Run (1mile): 6 minutes even. Bike (10.7 miles or so) 31:23 minutes. Run  (5k) 22:xx.
Gemini timing sucks once again. NoT2 or run split so above is guestimated.


Finishing up lap 1 of the triathlon.


After finishing the du, I did not realize i needed to hustle my ass to make it to the start of my wave. I took it easy getting on my Synergy Endorphin long john wetsuit and finally made my way to the boat launch for the start. When I did realize I was late, I just proceeded in the water for my own “wave” start. Timing was chipped time and my chip was programmed to start at precisely 8:10 with or without me.

I did pass several yellow cap swimmers. Again no self-timing so not sure of my real swim time. Quick transition to the bike. Bike split and and effort felt about the same a previous. I did have my MotoActv set to bike this time, so I was able to watch mph and cadence. Pretty much was passing everyone one, a couple of the competitors (who were on time to the swim start) on their final lap did pass me. One guy, Fredrick W. a cancer survivor and next age group up came whizzing by me. I was pretty shocked at how good he was doing. I encouraged him and complemented him on his speed, He said it was his new Trek Speed Concept bike. I did end up passing him on the run.

I was a bit conservative on the run, during the run I did not have any adverse pains in my lower ab. My foot (toe) is still not 100% either, but i’m still able to land and press off with out any issues. It did swell up a little after though. Like I said, this was a work out/race to see what my body can handle and what it will fill like immediately after and the following days. I can not really compare my results to previous times racing this event or even against my normal competition.


Finish: 1:07:46. 15th  AG, 146 OV (started about 3 1/2 minutes after gun)

Swim (750 yards) 10:31. Bike: 32:02 minutes. Run: 22:37.


Up next: Ensenada media marathon – another test outing.




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