DNS – Did not start.

Been planing getting another marathon in for spring but it ain’t happening. After my “fast” time at Surf City, I was hopping to get more training in and run an even faster marathon before my tri season kicks into full gear. Unfortunately, the body dictates what one can actually do.

Set back from lower abdominal muscle strain has limited my activity for the last three weeks. And just when it is/was getting better, I decided (accidentilly) to massively stub my pinky toe. Not a pretty sight…. toes are not supposed to point that direction. I decided not to take a picture of it, cause it would haunt me longer than it needs to. I quickly duct taped it to put it back into position and put on a compression sock to keep everything tight. Fortunately, it was in the evening and was able to be off my foot for a good 5 hours. I don’t think I broke anything because the pain was not massive and not throbbing.

THe next morning I removed the “bandage” to reveal a bit of swelling and bruising. Another day of no fitness training, just a couple of FitForPower bike fittings do complete. SLO half marathon still two days away. Continue hoping for the best. It’s a play it day by day (actually only 1 more day) situation.

So now it’s Saturday and event is tomorrow.  My abdominal pain is actually not too noticeable – a great feeling. I really want to get out there and run!. Prognoses looks good. Now it’s an hour by hour decision. Yesterday, I decided to go ahead and drive up to SLO and decide race morning if I would run. Well, after my first 100 yard walk on my way to pick up the rental car it became clear – NO GO, just gotta face the facts. Call it quits while I am “ahead”.

This is my second DNS (for paid events) of my years, and first due to injury. I have been able to participate in all my races before, even with slight injuries, but this time it was no way. I have to look at the positive… I get to rest my lower abs even more. Now hoping to be fully recovered  before my next event on the schedule, Rage Half Ironman.

I was hoping to have a strong tri season. I am off schedule my training by a good 6 weeks now, I have a lot of catching up to do, if my body allow it.

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