Pasadena Duathlon


March 23, 2013

5k run, 15k bike, 5k run

Chose to do the duathlon over the triathlon because it is “longer” than the triathlon. buy about 5 minutes. The triathlon is reverse and ends with a 200 yard pool swim. I have done the half marathon here so I knew a little bit about the area around the  Rose Bowl.

I’ve been having lower abdominal muscle issues the last month.  I survived my last half marathon, DNF a club duathlon and only been biking and swimming on a limited bases. The week leading up to this event I did not run at all and have  used some anti-inflamitories to help relive the “pain”. Waking in the am was a bit painful along with coughing and squeezing. Any contraction of the lower abs was not good.  Pre-race evening and race morning I loaded up on anti-inflamitoris and mentally blocked the pain to do this event.

I was surprised at the 1st 5k run. The course was a loop around the Rose Bowl. The slight incline slowed my pace down considerably, when I observed my pace thru the first mile or so I thought is was off. It was indicating 6:50, 6:40. I was expecting to run a high 18 minute, but ended with a 20:15-ish.  I was keeping pace, a step ahead, of a young female participant… don’t wanna get chick’ed this early. The last half I was able to pick up the pace thanks to the slight decline in elevation.


1st 5k

T1 was quick, I posted the 2nd fasted of the day due to the Pyro Platforms. No need to change shoes. Just grab and go. I’ve been using my Skecher GoRun’s for these short duathlons and tri. Their low profile midsole allows for not too much power loss per pedal stroke.

The bike course is  three loops around the Bowl… if you can count. I ended up doing and extra lap. Each lap cot more and more congested as more athletes got on course. This is a true local and beginner friendly course. One needs to use caution with the many slower and beginner athletes. I had to sit up often and cover the brakes. I Knew it was a three loop course and I thought I counted only three. I guess it was just too short and over too soon for me to accept. I had my MotoActv but it was recording as one workout not in sections and I had on my wrist so was not looking at it to review the miles traveled. Lap three I was “battling” it out with a few riders, but on my last lap (my number four) I did not see them at all. I thought they had slowed up a bit due to the slow traffic.


Before the masses were on course.

T2 was even quicker, again I posted the 2nd fastest time, just behind my buddy, Fran. As I was the same time as an “older” gentleman who has his helmet still on. I asked him “did you only do 2 laps” He looked at me kinda funny and said something like, no, I am not cheater. I did not figure it out at that point, but some one messed up.  AsI continued on the run, I began seeing people I was way ahead. They were on the leg back to the finish and I was on the leg heading out. I finally figured it out when I saw the younger girl pass me in the other direction…then all those other competitors. My bike split was eight to ten minutes off pace due to my screw up.

The second run was an out a back course on the main street in front of the Rose Bowl. I stayed focused as much as I could while noticing all those “slower” people  a head of me. Kind of sucked when I knew I should have been a head of them. My lower ab did not bother me at all during the event or after while hanging out to claim my 3rd place in age group award, finish time of 1:18:34. Yes I said award. That means if I didn’t screw up, I would have come in second anyways. Maybe next year…with a bike computer!

gps link: Motorola Actv

I have since taken two weeks of from running in preparation for the San Luis Obispo Marathon – changed to half marathon and playing day by day to see if I will compete.


One thought on “Pasadena Duathlon

  1. know that feeling miss counting laps…lol. I’m off to a 10k race this w/end hoping for a sub 38. good luck with the recovery

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