San Diego Half Marathon

March 10, 2013
Downtown San Diego



First, have to give thanks to Skechers Performance Shoes for helping securing a race entry.

Great weather for the event, it had been raining on and off for the last couple of days. Another perfect race day low 50’s to start and full sun.Started in wave one a few rows back. Was kind of surprised at how narrow the corrals were. In my opinion should have been double the width, anyways I did not see any pushing and shoving going on. This is the 2nd year of the event. It is known to be a fast course with one good hill. At mile nine, 300ft of hills. Enough to slow one’s pace by 30 seconds or more per mile. Once clear of the hill is is a little less than three miles of flat and down hills, where one can make up most of the lost time.

Broke out my race day shoes again, Skecher’s GoRun2 with my favorite Swiftwick socks. This combo has been good to me for my last two running races. I also want to see what kind of milage I cna get out of the shoe. Since my last heart rate tracking failed, I decided to wear my Scosche Rythm ( bluetooth armband pulse monitor) and track it with my iPhone 5. Success, I was predicting a 158 average rate, but turned out to be 168bpm. Spend 60% of race time  in heart rate zone 4 and 40% in zone 5. That makes a little higher than my normal lactic threshold compared to my marathon pace. Gad to finally know my current hear rate condition.

Nutrition wise,  I able to get away with only three GUs during the event, and one before hand. Chocolate Outrage is my favorite pre-race flavor. Water stations were spaced out pretty good. Clif was the nutrition sponsor of this event. Sorry I am not a Clif shot or gel fan , but their Clif Bars are the best.

When I finished I thought I had an”impressive” time of sub 1:27, but later realized the 1st mile was not calculated in.  I had to reset my Garmin activity from Other to Run, and thus need to add that time in to make a true total. Had good consistent mile splits up to the hills, thru mile 8, where it dropped off 30 to 60 seconds for those 3 miles. Only had two miles of down hills to make up two minutes. Without those hills, I would have probably fallen off pace a little, but predicted would have finished with a pretty fast time. It is now time in the season to pick up the pace; less long as slow and more tempo runs. I want to end my running “season” with a strong finish. Have a couple more races before triathlon season and training takes over.

GPS data

HR data

Finish: 1:28:31, 5th in AG out of 239

SD half marathon


Think this is mile 6, thru Liberty Station. Photo courtesy Paula Munoz.

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