Seaside Half Marathon

Ventura, CA
Feb 24, 2013
GPS data (hr jacked up)

Another race to check performance and training. Supposedly Seaside is a couple hour drive north of San Diego, but ended up taking a bit longer due to my lack of  ability to read my google map print out. Goal was to run faster than my drive time. Turned out to be a non competition. Arrived at race venue around 2am, so I was able to get four hours of sleep. And the 8am-ish race start time helped out. We had great weather condition for running. A little brisk but plenty of sun.

An undulating course up the coast highway; more down hill to the far turn around point, felt like more uphill coming back and the head wind slowed things down a bit also. No way to get lost on this course. Decided to support my northern team, Leslie Cohen Law. And using my dedicated race shoes, Skechers GoRun2. I had very good success with the shoes at my last race, I decided to make them race only. Comfort and light makes for a happy runner.

I specifically wore my heart rate monitor to see my race heart rate. Its been a while since I/’e done the tracking. The Garmin hr strap jacked up again, so no reliable data to review. Garmin hr straps suck. It also took over an hour for the data to successfully transfer to my Garmin connect site.


I started off leading wave one for the first 100 yards or so. Did not feel I was over doing my potential, but shortly decided I better settle down. I was able to hold my pace thru the first 8 miles then fell off a bit but was able to pick up the pace the last couple miles. For such a small race the competition was pretty stiff. Being small also meant 10 year age group awards. I had to settle for 5th in AG, but was the fastest oldest in the group. Finished with a time of 1:30:28. Was hoping for a sub 1:30…next time.


One mile to go and pickup up the pace, 6:51.



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