Well… Make that new school.

Ended up going for lightweight. Received my new pair of GoRun2 and decided to take a chance. I have not weighed them yet to compare to the ProSpeeds.

Wore one day around the office to break in then an easy 4 miler the day before the Surf City Marathon.  I was quite surprised at the excellent forefoot cushioning and support. Better than the originals.

I did use my Road Runner insoles on top of the stock insoles. I tried with just my RR insoles but did not feel quite right, so kept the  Skechers in also. The combination made for perfect fit, comfort and cushioning. Yep, that is Injinji toe socks. Fist time racing in them and they did the job… no blisters.


Surf City Marathon

Started steady and kept steady, had a couple of slow miles mid way then powered the last 10k with negative splits. Still not where I want to be but was able to pull off a BQ time and 30 minutes faster than my marathon back in December. Now thinking of doing San Louis Obispo Marathon in April to shave off another 5 to 10 minutes.


screenshot_262 v2

Garmin GPS data: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/269397512

garmin window copy

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