Going “Old School”

not that old.

Breaking in my new pair of Skechers ProSpeed w/custom color laces. Did not the the original stealth look so I had to give them some noise.

Bought these a year ago when on sale at close out prices… these are no longer made. This version help me get over my plantar fasciitis.

Surf CityMarathon this weekend, so gotta put a few break in miles before race day. Yah, they are a bit heavier than my GoRun Rides, but need the extra support for the 26 miler.





Ya, I am a Skechers ambassader athlete….. it’s because these shoes truly out perform the competition and have give me the performance edge while avoiding injuries.

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4 thoughts on “Going “Old School”

  1. We last corresponded about 6 months ago, re Rotor rs4x cranks, etc. I have since found and installed a circa 2002 Rotor Concept Kit 172.5mm http://autobus.cyclingnews.com/tech/?id=2002/reviews/rotor_cranks

    I love these cranks! They smooth out my pedal stroke wonderfully!

    A 53-39 chainring set came with the cranks. Problem is, I cannot find 34 or 50 tooth chainrings (really I would like a 46 tooth outer chainring, but I understand they are not made) to fit the cranks. As a distributor, can you help?



  2. well, I believe they/Rotor have discontinued manufacturing the RSX cranks. just selling off remaining stock. As for replacement market, only need replacing every 100K miles or more and not sure how often people will wish to replace or switch to the Qring drive train set up instead? you have to send out feeler to various forums to see what kind of feedback/request you will get.

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