IM Louisville – results

Well I was fairly close on my preciction…

Prediction: 1:10 – no wetsuit
Actual: 1:15:36 – water tempo 84 degrees – no current – no advantage.
Notes: GPS  (link) says 2.6, thought I swam a pretty straight line…guess I need to learn how to swim faster.

T1 5:xx- not to scramble or rush. put on calf compression sleeves and arm coolers

Prediction 5:48 (wanna be faster)
Actual 5:34:59
Notes: Distance right on (link). Fast course great road surface! Very slight head wind last 20 miles

T2 5:xx- not to scramble or rush.

Prediction 3:52 (wanna be faster, but lack of training time)
Actual: 4:22:19 (link)
Notes: just did not have it, lack of training. Got what I deserved.

Prediction: That makes 10:50 – mental toughness will make this happen. add transition and true prediction would have been approx 11:00
Actual: 11:22:59

24th AG out of  272. 248 OV out of  3014 participants.



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