IM Louisville Last Minute Training

Only a few days away. I have been tapering up for this event since not able to train hard and consistently. Believe I will survive the event with a respectable time. I will learn a lot from this race – as in. how much more training I will really need for next year, as I age up, if I want to try to qualify for IM Worlds.

Only two the aero set up  after  a month with  the road bike configuration of my Ritchey BreakAway. And only six miles in my new pair of shoes. Five on the left and three on the right. That’s right testing two pairs of shoe set ups for my shoe choice

I was been debating and testing my Skechers GoRun Rides or my KSwiss Blade Lite. The Blades won out because of the additional support in heel area. If it was a run only event it would been the Skechers, but my legs are gonna need all the help they can get.

At the moment, my body is all good; no aches or pains, rested and come race day should be a good to go.

Weather last week and have have been very good- humid. May not have the heat but the humidity is good to acclimate for the conditions in Louisville. I had planned to spend may sessions in the sauna at the gym, only made it twice, since nature took over.

Got my long non-wetsuit swim in, to do some last minute evaluation on my stroke and body position, gotta keep the head down to keep the hips up.

Bike and  luggage all packed. Another pool swim and time for a SuperShuttle ride to the airport.

As the late Marvin Gaye says – lets’ get it on! link


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