Saddle Time

I do this ride a couple times a year, once as part of the San Diego GranFonda and once on my own. Currently it’s my longest route, a 125 miler. Not a lot of climbing, approx 6k, for the total distance cover. Along with the longest distance it is the  longest  time on the saddle, generally a bit more than eight hours. This time I self-timed the KOM (king of mountain) segment. It’s a 6.5 mile segment up hill. I did a bit of serpentine up the hill to take off a few degrees of incline and since I my 26t bail out gear was not usable. My KOM time was 43:48 with an average speed of  9.3 mph.

This is the longest ride since last November and my previous longest this year has been a 70 miler a couple weeks ago at the LeadMan 125 tri a couple weeks ago. There were many opportunities to get in a pace line and ride fast for an extended period of time with “minimal” effort, pull the train, or end up fighting the mild wind all by yourself.  I did all three.

This time I  did not ride straight thru. I took a break at mile 90, waiting for some friends to catch up. I ended up waiting longer than an hour, but was hanging with a friend who was actually waitng for some others also. They took advantage of all the food and aid station, where I  only did one stop. The salty chips, cookies, coke and slice of PG & J was need nourishment to complete the ride. I could have survived on the 5 GUs and 2 Roctanes  and my 60oz of custom hydration but the additional nourishment was graciously accepted.

The route

The elevation

I plan on riding this route again some time in June in preparation for the Vineman iron distance triathlon I plan on competing in at the end of July.

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