Fan of Skechers

I have had these GoRuns for a couple weeks now, been able to get a handful of training runs in,  a sprint distance triathlon. and a dreadfully slow 8 mile run (all up hill) on the back of a 70 mile bike.

The GoRuns retail for $80.00, but I was able to find these at Famous Footware. They were on sale and an additional 10% store coupon was used. Had to pay CA tax and pick up at the local store but well worth the $65.00 for these hi-performance shoe. Depending on manufacturer and style my shoe size is usefully size 10.  For the GoRuns, I needed a size 9.5 to get a proper fit without socks or thin socks. I am not using insoles or my orthotics with these since I want to take full advantage of their light weight and non insole design. My orthotics weigh about as much as one of these shoes.

The GoRuns have been around for about a year now, but I have recently got the chance to get my hands on them.  I have been a fan of Skecher athletic shoes after using their ProSpeed. Those helped my over the last hurdle in recovering from plantar fasciitis that had plagued me for over 20 months. I have to check if I wrote up my product report on those shoe, if not, I have to back fill that post.

To clear the air, I have been in touch with the Skecher/the sports marketing manager and he send me a free pair of the GoRuns… in size 11 (the blue ones) . I only noticed after trying on and my feet were swimming. I was able to exchange for a size 10, yellow and black. I have used the 10’s for a  half marathon – MexiCali. But since they are on the “large” size, I use them for running events/training only were I use with socks and my orthotics. This makes the shoes fit just about perfectly.  I liked them so much I went ahead and purchased my perfect size.

The size 11, as you can see , the GoRuns are quite flexible.

Size 10, have to use socks and insoles to get them to fit properly.

Around mile 4, I ended up catching and passing this group around mile 10 after I go my second wind.

Full report of the shoes to follow which will include benefits of the GoRuns and in comparison to comparable shoes I have used in my training and racing. Stay tuned.

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