SuperSeal – cancelled!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Well, SuperSeal triathlon became a 2.89 mile beach run instead of  it’s planned International/Olympic distance. It’s the first time in any Frog event history (33 years) that any part of their event has been canceled.

Weather was forecasted for rain this weekend. Friday was nice and was able to get in a 50 mile bike with my friend Fran who came down from LA for a training session. Rain started late Friday evening. Our Saturday plans  were slightly altered due to the rain. A swim/coaching session at The Plunge instead of the open water swim in Glorietta Bay in Coronado. Our run turned into a 4.5 miler along the oceanfront path in Pacific Beach. The wind was up and the drizzling rain was just enough wanna not do our scheduled run. but training in different weather is good for the body sole and mind. Ya never know what will happen on race day.

All ready, gotta suit up and back the goodies- all for not

Gonna use the XLab, making sure it is still in proper working order – It is for sale!

The race director held out as long as possible before pulling the plug. First the swim was cancelled due to ” water issues” they have here in don’t sue me state of California when rain water measures more than .1 inches. Race morning when I woke up, 4:15am, the weather seamed pretty calm where I live, drizzling and a bit of wind. On the drive over to Coronado, I could feel the wind as I drove, and the rain picked up and a massive down pour just a few miles from the race transition area. It was still early, 5am, as I entered the event parking lot. Kinda surprised, I was the first or second car there, so that threw up a red flag.

I made my way over to the lone standing tent were the set up crew were hiding  from the elements. The wind was galing, 25 to 40 miles, still dark and sheets of sideways rain. It was evident the race director was gonna cancel the bike leg also …too windy… too dangerous. The crew was pondering on shortening the run also, something about a 4 mile run on the beach. That was it for me. Time to head home, no need even bother with the beach run, no fun, is what I say.

Back home and back under my still warm sheets. Ended up doing a 20 mile bike later in the day since the skies had cleared and the wind had settled down a little. Oh well, 120 bucks down the drain. no refund due to weather, acts or god, terrorism etc. However, they have offered a 25% discount off of some other races later in the year. Sorry, I spend  my money already and no need to send any more, not even for next year.

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