Race Report: 2x the Fun – part 2

Solana Beach Duathlon and Triathlon
Sunday July 24th

The Triathlon

50 minutes is hardly a work out so  why not do the double. Duathlon and then a couple hours later the triathlon. Just wanta have more fun!

So after finishing up the duathlon I had about 40 minutes to get ready for the triathlon. I knew I was not gonna be a winner in this one, I just wanted to do another hard work out and it just happened to be a racing citation. I have done the double here before with less time for “recovery” so this was gonna be easy.

Gotta take time to say hi to friends, Rob C.

Taking the inside line since not much of a current.

The swim course is at Fletch Cove at the end of Loma Santa Fe Drive. Beach start with a few sets of waves but nothing to be extra cautious as in previous years. The course is a simple rectangle and head back to land there the lone palm tree to sight on. Can’t get lost on this one. After running up the beach, we tackled the100 yard / 6 or 7 degree ramp up and thru Fletcher Park, crossing the street and another 50 yards before entering T1. The quarter mile ocean swim with transition officially clocked in at 10:54.

The bike was a repeat of my earlier ride except a lot more competitors on course, requiring me to be a bit more courteous and nicer to the “slower” riders. Giving shouts of encouragement as I screamed past. The wind had picked up a touch from earlier. Legs still felt good. The bike course is advertised as 15k/9miles but my bike computers said 8.74). This time my bike split was 28:24, about two and a half minutes slower from my first ride of the day.

A quick T2 and off to attack the 5k run (think it was really 3 miles). There were so many people on the run course at this time, it was really hard to gauge who is who. Leading up to the turn around I could only guess who might be in my age group by noting “distinguishing” age features…s light graying of hair is one of the cues. There are a lot of fit “older” athletes in San Diego, so judging age is hard to do. This time on the run I could feel and sense a bit of tiredness  in the legs but one just has to press on. Just like the bike it was pass, pass and more passing with words of encouragement as I went by. I ended the run this time ’round with a split of 19:49, just 30 second slower than my duathlon time split.

So what did i get out of the days fun?

A finishers metal and a race bib to add to the collection.

Finish time 57:27., 5th AG (out of  80) and 39 OV out of 1106.


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