Race Report: 2x the Fun – part 1

Finally have time to finish this report up I started …a month ago – make that over 2 months ago.

Solana Beach Duathlon and Triathlon
Sunday July 24th

I was pretty excited for this event. It’s a fast and flat course, except for the “hill” up to T1-for the triathlon only. The title sponsor is the Triathlon Club of San Diego and it seams like over half of the racers were Club members. I’t my fifth time doing the duathlon, third time dong the tri and second doing the double. It’s another race as part of the Koz Enterprises Triathlon Race Series, compromised of Spring Sprint (in Mission Bay), Super Frog/Seal, Solana Beach, San Diego International, Imperial Beach, and Mission Bay. Can you tell San Diego is a triathlon town?

The week leading up to the event, my work schedule was pretty hectic, working longer hours than normal and late. The night before worked until 1am. I was pretty restless and anxious for this race, set my alarm for 4am to be out the door early and find a prime parking spot. Some of these “small” local races have limited residential parking and one must arrive early to find good parking. Transition did not open until 5:45am, so I was able to get some additional rest once I arrived in Solana Beach.

I made a late decision to do the “double”, that is the duathlon and later the triathlon. Initially I, was just going to do the triathlon which is much more competitive and can usually expect a top 5-10  finish in my age group. My legs have been feeling good so I added the duathlon to really test my legs and foot .

Since I decided to compete in the duathlon my Aussie friend, Michael, was pretty syched. He won the AG last year ( I did not compete). He is a stronger bike but I have the running legs so it was to be a showdown. It was his last race here before heading back to Australia, and he wanted to depart on a victory. The duathlon started fist, around 6:50am with a 1mile run around a few of the city block. For some reason I felt a little slow, It may have been the lead group of three who me in their dust. I know from experience I would not survive if I tried to come close to matching their pace, 15 to 30 seconds faster. Finished in a time of 5:49, I belive that includes T1 also. Michael clocked in one second later.

For this year’s bike course, they threw in a “slow down section”. A quick turn off the 3 mile straight away to scrub off some speed to make it more community firendly. It’s hard to cross the street when bikers are zipping by at over 26 miles an hour. Now pedestrians can be safely be escorted across the street in slow zone. Yes, this does make previous race time non comparable, The bike course is a drag race on PCH, twice, three miles per section. Each lap has a 60 foot elevation gain after the northern turn around section. This year there was no wind to contend with for the duathlon but I did notice it pick up slightly a few hours later during my triathlon. As anticipated I would be passed by my buddy Michael, and a few others. I am not naturally gifted to have the combination of brute strength and power to be an “elite” cyclist. I have to train to keep myself just “in the hunt”. There was nothing I could do about it. I just have to let them go.

Coming back up the”hill”

Result for the bike, a little over nine miles, include T2 kept me clocked me in at 25:55. The “fast” guys are a minute faster. Much to my surprise upon entering T2. I see and hear Michael shouting angrily,” my shoes, where the F* are my shoes”..or something to that effect. I thought he would be out on the run and I was might be able to catch him in the lat 100 yards. Well as it turns out with all that adrenaline and focus he lost it. He did not remember where he racked his bike. No one stole or hid his shoes as he initially thought. During my quick transition, I  said don’t worry about it, just do with what you have. Fight the anger and release it on the run. So that is what he did. This was all with in a couple of seconds, and we ended up leaving T2 at the same time. I gave him words of encouragement saying “stick with it, hang in there, it will make you stronger for next time”….as I left him in MY dust.

The run is also a drag race on PCH out and back twice, so we get to see where everyone is and say “hi” to friends, other competitors on course and receive cheers and encouragement from the spectators. As all my race report indicate I am a “strong” runner and able to catch may of the bikers who pass me, and this race was about the same often coming down to the last 100 yards to overtake other competitors. This time I was able to pick off another friend, Mike P. He may be in an older age group but I just wanted to improve my overall standing. It was a full sprint for the last 50 yards. Mission accomplished. No overall hardware with a 4th place finish. I finished the three mile run with a time of 19:27 and Ausie Mike’s was 20:55, which got me 1st in the age group. He was lucky he had his socks on or he would have been even slower and ended up with some messed up feet.

the sprint!

Finish time 51:08. 4th OV (out of  139) and 1st in AG out of 13. Overall winner,  my friend Kye G, was over two minutes ahead.

Garmin data – not in multisport mode.

part 2 – the triathlon report to follow shortly.

2 thoughts on “Race Report: 2x the Fun – part 1

  1. Wow your amazing…dude look at that hang time while you run . Man you’re flying through the air. Look at photo 2 and 3..you’ll legs are in the same position flying through the air, while you overtake that guy. One second your behind and the photo 3 shows you shoulder to shoulder. How can you do that!!
    Auusie Mike

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