Mid-Year Report

Yes, it is already mid year, but for me it is really just the beginning of my season. Sure I have participated in several events ( a shortened half IM, 1 official and 1 unofficial half marathons, 1 sprint tri, 1 international distance and a 3 mile run event and several Tri Club of San Diego events – aquathlons, duathlons and triathlons), but all of these events were used to gauge my training/fitness improvements or lack of. I have surprised myself with some of my results. It’s a  wonder how adrenaline and endorphins can make one go fast.

June was the official “beginning” of training season my cycling training really ramp up significantly, 100 miler every weekend and quality rides in between. My foot recovery seem to be on track and I’ve been able to increase my running days and mileage. Swim is still there, but definitely need to work on speed that will last a full hour. I like tracking/posting my activities on dailymile.com. It has great graphics and not over kill on the technical information.

With the ramped up training days, hours and miles, recovery is very important. I have found recovery drinks to be very helpful. Taking a recovery drink once a month after an event is really not going to help. The protein and “special” formulas for each brand needs time and frequency to work in the body to truly be effective. My recovery choice this time ’round has been Fluid, it’s a powder protein formulation. I will be posting a video of how I make the most awesome recovery drink. 1st Endurance also make a recovery drink/powder called Ultragen, I will be using later this year and will do a comparison report.  I have notice my leg muscles are not “worn out”, not tired, feel like I have energy to go and want to get out and up to get the next training session in. Unfortunately, work sometimes gets in the way and not able to get that training session in when I want.

I’ver been testing out a couple of wetsuit during my training (TYR Hurricane cat 5 and Synergy Endorphin) which I will be giving a detailed comparison (when I have time to do this web stuff). Added another shoe to my rotation of Avias, which has added comfort to the my recovery of plantar issue. It’s Sketchers Speed Pro, a report on these will be coming down the road also.

I haven’t gotten my dream bike yet (Kestrel 4000 LTd– a custom build), so I am still using and loving my Ritchey BreakAway. I gave it a overhaul this week and its ready for the miles and races a head. I love this bike for it’s “easy” travel break down and ability to be retrofitted as a road or tri bike. Yep, I will be posting images and detail of this transformations.

Race season kick off in July. I am ready! of course, training will still be kept at high levels and frequency with taper days leading up to races. I’m excited about the Rev3 Portland half iron distance event. Reports say it is fast and flat, so I am actually hoping for a fast time… PR on the bike leg is my goal for this race. I’ll let the run unfold on its own.

Sorry about the lack of picture on this post.


2 thoughts on “Mid-Year Report

    • Di2 update… still the best thing going. For my Tri and Road set up…as mentioned before precision shifting..no need to stop and watch that the front rings shift smoothly. I know I am faster with the Di2 Setup. as mentioned with the brake/shift combo able to shift safely while in traffic, exiting turns and while climbing. All things being equal it will make you faster compared to an aero frame or “race” wheels. Cylcing has been more fun since making the upgrade. My blood pressure is lower – no frustration with dropped chain, missed shifts. Do not have to worry about cold hands/fingers and trying to use those shift levers… just push the button!

      Make the investment!

      I have a upgrade kit available for Tri or Road – check web site

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