EFS: Energizing Sports Drink

What is EFS:  Electrolyte Fuel System.




It comes in two formats powder/drink and liquid shot format. This write up will be about the drink/powdered format.

I have only once previously tried with 1st Endurance  and have finally purchase a full 25 serving bucket to use long term. For me, I think the 25 serving will last about 2 months or about 800 miles of  riding. I’m gonna try to track how long it really last. I am three weeks in on the Fruit Punch flavor. I have heard the Grape flavor is great (that will be my next purchase)

just lost my write up… have to do it again..sucks!

I decided to forego my usual hydration/electrolyte mixture and go all the way for this weekend’s race, Showdown at Sundown, with Fruit Punch flavor of 1st Endurance EFS.

Benefits/ Features of EFS

  • highest electrolyte content – over 1000mg compared to 162 to 430mg per 12 ounces.
  • prevents cramping and dehydration
  • mix at varying strengths (just about all powders are)

Other info (per 12oz)

  • 96 calories
  • 200% DV of vitamin C
  • 16g of sodium
  • 24g of carbohydrates

What are electrolytes (salts)? Calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium) and anions (of chloride, carbonates, aminoacetates, phosphates, and iodide). These are nutritionally called macrominerals. These are lost through perspiration or other forms of dehydration, particularly in heat stress situations.

Why are electrolytes important? They allow cells to generate energy, maintain the stability of their walls, and to function in general. They generate electricity, contract muscles, move water and fluids within the body, and participate in myriad other activities.

I started the bike leg with 32oz of Fruit Punch EFS. Premixed just short of 3 scoops with 32oz of water. Only one water/aid station on the bike and entered T2 with half consumed. I was sipping pretty much all day and was surprised with how much I had left. I even forced myself to take in extra liquid when I realized I how much I had left.  I use the Oasis One-Twelve hydration system (single behind the saddle set up).

What I noticed/like about EFS Sports drink from this weekends event and training

  • was not dehydrated
  • muscles still functined for the run
  • very granular/not powdery –  so no clumping and dissolves “quickly”
  • clear, no artificial  colors
  • lots of electrolytes – I am not a heavy sweater, so it actually may be overkill for me, but I do not think anyone had been harmed by overdosing on electrolytes
  • light flavor, no artificial flavoring. No candy like taste.

What I dislike about EFS drink (just my opinion, everyone has personal taste)

  • “Over” sodium taste. Yes,  I can continue to dilute but that will water down the flavor and electrolyte content per serving.
  • That “over” sodium taste gives it a “heavy” taste, similar to the older Gatorade Endurance formula.

If I was a heavy sweater or the event was on a very hot day (ei Hawaii World Championship) I would not be complaining about this..  The race would a lot have to have lost of aid stations. Showdown at Sundown had only one water station on the bike.

In conclusion I give 1st Endurance EFS Sports Drink rate an 8 out of 10.

I will be going back to my “special” hydration mixture. But my pre-race hydration will be EFS Energizing Sports Drink! I will continue to use for my training rides and find that perfect ratio to eliminate the “over” sodium flavor.


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