Fiesta Island TT – 40K option

Conditions: minimal wind/ overcast, low 60F
Equipment: Ritchey BreakAway with Shimano Di2 Aero set up. Rotor RSX4 cranks and Rolf Prima rims.

Finish Time 1:06:20. 3rd OV out of  4. The main event was the 20K.

Found a nice action shot.

Photo courtesy of Randal Hollis. Additional images can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Fiesta Island TT – 40K option

  1. Sorry my comment was a little vague for what I am looking for. I should have ask the following:

    Any followup on Di2 performance gains on entry and exit on 90 or 180 degree turns, and on any steep climbs where you got out of saddle to power the hill?

    • Di2. Best investment to upgrade a bike. Will never ride cables again. finger tip shifting. Power all the time just push the button to make 1 cog change and then back up again. never looking down or any hesitation in pedaling. Best thing going.

      This event was pretty flat but still required a bit of shifting to rest the legs and then back on the power. Used bar end shifting only. But the brake/shift combo is a definite must have also. Able to shift while climbing our of the saddle or coming out of turns.

      Of course installation must be done properly to have shifting work perfectly

      Sram RTC sucks. however their front derailleur shifting is pretty good.

      if get a chance to obtain go for it!

      I will have a NEW set of Di2 for sale a month or so if interested at that time.
      will be posting on my website in the Store section when I have.

    • coming out of corners hand position is on the bars so with brake shift combo.. shifting is right there. do not have ro rest elbow on pad then shift. In control of the bike the whole time.

      climbing hill… choke up on the extensions. hand position no longer “right there” to shift. but when sitting up and hands on bars shifting is right there on the brake/shift combo. again no elbows down to shift at extensions.

      shift/brake combo are worth the extra$$s. I uses more than I thought i would be.

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