First Endurance Optygen… It works!

Thought I posted my expereince with Optygen by First Endurance, but I guess not.

There are many products out there that claim great benefits. I have tried some that work and some that did not live up to their claims.

My experience with Optygen started last year, I was gearing up for the Rev 3 race in Cedar Point, Ohio (the best place to have an event with the Amusement park right there)… the iron distance event.

Optygen comes in the form of red tablets. There are 90 per package.

Per instruction the first week, one needs to” load up”. That means taking  about six tablets a day for the first 5 or so days. Then one can cut down to three tablets a day. I worked my intake schedule to match race day, the day before the big race would be my last tablet.

A reminder of the product claims:

  • Helps the body adapt to high levels of physical stress,
  • Increase VO2Max,
  • Improves Oxygen Utilization, and
  • Increases Aerobic Threshold & Reduce Lactic Acid.

I did not have any blood work done or and LT test taken before, during or after using so I do not have any “clinical” data to back up it’s effect upon me.

I can say that after a couple of weeks I noticed my sleep patterns had changed. I was sleeping soundly – solid rest! One sign of over training is not being able to get good nights sleep. Even with my iron distance training levels I was sleeping great. That means my body was getting it’s rest so the next day I was able to participate in another hard or long work out session. So claim number 1 – True in my book.

Having solid rest is a great advantage to have.

It is hard to quantify but I believe the other claims held true also. My body did not feel beat up after hard work outs as compared to previous  lead ups to big races.  My training levels never go over the top and I take days off when necessary and eat “properly”. I am not stupid.

It is hard to justify taking Optygen the whole season, but I will continue to use the product (about 6/7 weeks out) leading up to every iron distance event. Those big races are the ones that count.

Results: Rev 3- Cedar Point. 10:34:43. 2nd in age group
My 5th fastest bike split, and 5th run split of  23 iron distance races.
The run is where the pay off can be found from using Optygen. I may have fallen apart for a few miles but was able to regroup and make up more than I lost during those miles. Lactic Acid be gone!

Note: One does not need to be an iron distance athlete to take advandage of Optygen. If you train hard for any distance, Optygen will give you an edge.


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