Stagecoach Century Ride


Date: 1.15.11
Location: Ocotillo, CA

This was kinda forced ride. The longest ride this year with minimal long rides leading up to it.  Only a couple of 35 and 65 milers and one 80. As s the ride name indicates it’a a full century ride. One Road with optional turn around points.

Our group started together with three and finished with one. Rick only did 50 miles, limited training and did not want to over do it. My other freind was held back by my “slowness” and waited many times and at the end fineshed strong on his own.

This event attracts about 700 paying participants and quite a few “bandits” Its a great event wen the weather cooperates. This year it was perfect. A bit nippy in the beginning but was time to shed the outer jacket just 5 miles in. Think  temperature made it up to mid 70s plenty of sun and a mild amount of wind.

It was Team Trakkers cycling gear today. I kep my bike in road bike format but added aero clip on bars to relax when ever possible.

For some reason my Garmin 310xt was not able to uploas my data. but I did notice I had completed 101 miles in 6:11. I ‘m not sure if that was total time or just moving time. I also use my Polar CS600x with WIND which does not have any problems with maintaining it’s data. Since it was an out and back course. it was easy to plot on and check the elevation and decline values which I find interesting. The rider starts out in Octillio ( 80 miles east of San Diego) and heads out in the desert and mountain along County Highway S2/Sweeney Pass Rd/Overland Stage Route of 1849.

Climbing/elevation data

The ride started mysteriously slow, 12 miles an hour. The road was a  false flat but soon enough speed and effort picked up. In total there were only  4 or 5 real climbs which i attacked  with my swithchback technique. It makes thing much easier and even though covering more ground passed riders who attack the hill straight on.

I was self-supportive this ride, not needing to take any break or take on any additional food or liquids. I wanted a continuous ride. A Bazi Enery Shot before the ride to keep my mind sharp and electrolytes replacement by Gu and 1st Endurance Liquid shots. My choice of hydration (64oz using the Oasis One-Twelve hydration system) was a custom mix of Accelerade  and Gu Brew with a touch of Fluid Protein powders. I also carried a bottle of plane water. When the ride was over, I had just finished by last sip.

This is always  a great mid-winter ride to check one’s fitness level and some times to slightly overextend current levels.






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