Tugs Tavern Reunion Run

Location: Mission Beach, CA
Weather: Overcast but great running
Distance: 5.1 miles not the 5.5 as noted, thank goodness.

4 starters, 3 finishers, Andy, Sandbar-bartender, Pedro-Sandbar cook, and me.

Great beach run, low tide conditions so sand was nicely packed for cushioning. Running into the wind (south) slowed pace down quite a bit.

I started of pretty fast…probably too fast, held the lead for a few minutes then faded to second by the first turn around. Put in some surges in to retake the lead as we passed the start/finish line. Not having run tempo/fast evens since before Thanksgiving my endurance and speed was about all gone and I started to fade even more. At the second turn around (heading back into the wind), the leader now, Andy, continued to increase his lead. Eventually Pedro, caught up to me and I was able to keep ahead of him, until the last quarter mile where made his pass. I tried to stay with him but just did not have it in me.

Pedro, take 2nd with his holiday Cons.

This was a serious run/evaluation to scope out foot issues. Foot say ok, but not perfect and continuing to increase miles kinda say no go. Looks like 2011 will be a Aquabike year. Now I have to get in the pool and start chalking up the CompuTrainer miles.

Thanks Pat at Tugs-T for putting event on.

After the race, headed over to the Sandbar Sports Grill for a few beverages.

Me with Tom Warren, 1979 Iroman World Champion upstairs at the Sandbar.

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