Project Bike: Kestrel 4000 Bike Fit, prt 3

So now I have the Kestrel 4000 (borrowed) all adjusted and ready to put it and me thru the paces. Shifter/aero bars were still way too far out, but I marked a maximum hand reach position for these test rides. Also, I did not have a correct size stem, so I rode with the Specialized fit stem system, making sure it was all bolts were securely fastened for it is labeled not for outside use.

Test ride 1: Fiesta Island 40K
This is my home turf TT ride. TCSD club races are held here, TCSD bike workouts and quite a few local events use the island. Earlier this year I have been training on it with my supped up mountain bike. I have only done a handful of full rides here on my road or TT bike. Easy ride over to the island and gauging the wind, seemed pretty light which is great for PR. Fiesta Island is known for having every changing wind conditions; one day dead still the next head winds on the back side and sometimes getting head wind on both sides…. very hard to duplicate the conditions.

Earlier this year, April, I part took in my first time trail, that is no swim or run… just biking. Time trialling is quite a bit different from a triathlon. One needs to pedal harder… more power, no need to conserve energy. An efficient pedal stroke is not need – maximum power all the time. That day, the wind was blowing pretty strong but set the bar for my 40k on the island, finished with time of 1:10 and change. That was my target time for the Kestrel 4000. My fitness level is about 75% my April level so that will be considered into my time. As Jim Cramer says, “booya”, finish time of 1:07 and change. Hard to say if it was due to the light wind? different wheels (tubeless Shimano 23 mm)? or truly the bike?

I’ll say it is the bike mostly and a little of the wind. Only had a short spurt of 28 mph, and a couple of areas at 26 mph. Average moving speed ended up being over 22 mph, link to Garmin data, The bike felt solid! I could actually feel the stiffness of the frame, no flexing, true transfer of power. The ride was still supple, not harsh at all. A definite winner!

I will be dong one more test ride on the island with my current ride to get another base line measurement to verify the awesomeness of the Kestrel 4000.

Test ride 2: San Dieguito Park
This is one of my staple rides, link to Garmin data. There are many variations for this route, with hills, with a lot of hills, or limited hills. Elevation gain ranges from 27hun to 37hun. Flats, gradual inclines, very steep hill, traffic, no traffic. One of the best all round 35 to 45 mile bike routes in the San Diego area. This day I averaged 15.2mph, that is over .5 miles an hour faster than most of my rides on this route. That equals to over 8 minutes faster. Again I was not in mid-season form.

Can’t wait to build up my Kestrel 4000 LTD, size 52.5, and start riding… and getting those podium finishes!


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