Report: Fearless Triathlon San Diego

Race: Fearless Triatlon
Date: 10.30.10
Location: Fiesta Island, San Diego CA

This was a local venue. The Tri Club of San Diego has many of their Club races here and I was fortunate to obtain an entry thru the Club. Weather for this weekend could make or break this event. Fortunately no rain the day before, so the swim is to be included.

What makes this event so special? It’s format….  a double super sprint – swim, bike, run and repeat. 250 meter swim, 5 mile bike and 2 mile run done back to back. 11 Split times, that includes transitions.

My warm up was the ride over in the am. When I showed up I was surprised to see how many people there were.  I picked up my packed on Friday and there ere not lots of people there so I was very suprised at the run out. I figured I would stroll in and easily find a prime spot to position my bike. Waves had assigned racks and I forced my bike into a great spot without disrupting others who probably arrive a half hour before me.

During set up sprinkles start to fall for the sky but not to bad. Air temperature and water temperature were about the same, thing about 62F or so. Since this was a double format race, I had my clothing/equipment strategy planned out. I wanted to stay warm in the water but not fight with full wet suit and still wanted to have the bouncy advantage. Solution? My old Aquaman short john wetsuit with QR speed sleeves

Starting the second go round, I entered transition with one of my friends and arch racing rivals Steve Tally. He mad a mistake and headed toward the swim with his shoes still on, I had to let him know and that was the last time I saw him. The rain was only noticeable on the bike, especially on the back half of the island and the last half of each run. Worked pretty hard on the 2nd bike or took it easy on the first cause my second bike was faster than my first? I know my 2nd run was faster ’cause I was being pushed by a guy who was on my heels and I was encouraging him on to get me. I never saw his face and he did not pass me.

Exiting 2nd swim.

Crossing the finish mat.

Results: Once again got smoked by the winners, but I will take my 3rd place AGp and 22 OV finish. This is a great format, there is a lot to think about and to strategize compared to your basic triathon. This is my kind of racing… ala the Chicago Triple Challenge or back to back race days.

All done.


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