When goggles looses their anti-fog…

….it’s Foggle to the rescue!

My Sable Water Optics (goggles that is) seem to have lost their mojo…fortunately I have some Foggle anti-fog towelettes.

I did some testing today during my pool swim at the Wavehouse in Mission Beach, CA.

Swam for about 10 minutes with my Sable MTR (this model is not on the Sable web site) goggles as normal. They were a little foggy but not too bad, so I did a simple rinse of pool water on the inside of the goggles – rinse and continue.

About 5 minutes later a little fog spot developed, this time I used my Foggle wipe. Took the goggles of of my head and delicately wiped the inside of the goggles and then without rinsing put back on. That clear up the fog spot, pretty much made the Sable goggles like new…. best optics available in any swim goggle.

After a few more laps I did a quick rinse of pool water to see how that would effect things. Clarity was even better and was able to finish up my swim without any more fog spots.

The Foggle towlettes are multi use, just fold back up and put in its original packet and fold over the open edge. Plan ahead and carefully open the wrapper with intention of reusing it.

The type on the individual packets is quite small. I have to spend more time reading what the directions say, but I did notice that results may vary depending on lenses.

Want some FREE samples? click here.
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