That New Bike Feeling

Does your bike feel “old” ? What to give it a new feeling?

Lizard Skin Bar Tape is just the answer. There is no bar tape on the market quit like their DSP – DuraSoft Polymer.

I first came across this a few months ago when a rider came in for a bike fit (PedPowerPerfrom Lab). When I first touched the tape, I said wow! This is cool. I forgot all about it until I was at interbike and scoped out the product in person.

This stuff is great! The best tactile feeling for optimized control and comfort. Awesome grip. The best shock absorption I have ever felt with something so basic as bar tape. Check you local bike store to feel for yourself. The package has a sample swatch to feel/test.

White is the DSP bar tape. Installed the night before Magic Mountain Man Triahtlon.

Available in 1.8 (3 colors) and 2.5 (8 colors) thickness. I am using the 2.5 thickness for added cushioning. Check out their website. The Lizard Skin web site has an installation video. It retails for about $35.00 (can be bought for 25 to 30 buck and well worth it!)

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