My Top 5 of Interbike 2010: Part 1

Five items catch my eyes and interest of three days walking the aisles of the Sand Hotel Convention Center, Las Vegas.

1. Lezyne Travel Floor Drive Pump

It is about time! I travel to many races and it has always been my predicament with my packing. Saving room in my bike bag for the tire pump. My current pumps are “small” compared to shop pumps. I have an older Silca that had worn out (yes I have replaced the innards put it no longer pumps air properly. It is very slim without any frills. I also have a Blackburn Air Tower 1. It is short and has s compact base compared to typical pumps. It is barley able to get more than 110 psi. The new Lezyne travel pump is an execution in precision. It’s smaller gauge is specific to this pump, the handle is CNC machined, comes with its own travel sac and weighs only 900 grams. No exact dimensions, but it is 3/4  in height compared to a regular pump.  It will easlily pumb tires up to 115 psi, with a bit more effort it will pump to its max of 160. The travel pump will be available mid November. It is expected to retail 100 bucks.

2. Biknd Bike Case

Case closed up with its own case,

Case fully opened, wheel set on both fold down “wings”

As mentioned above, I travel to many races and needing a bike case that protects my equipment is very important. I have seen the biknd case in one of the mags a while back and finally here in person. It is a great idea borrowed form other technology. It is based upon “air bag” technology. The Biknd case protects the bikes and wheels with inflatable air pouches. A great idea. (The air bags are pre- inflated, they do not explode upon impact) This keeps the case pretty light a little less than 24 lbs., leaving plenty of weight for equipment. The side wings fold down fully giving the case a full 360 degree opening. It can carry 2 sets of wheels, one set in each wing.

Limited disassembly of bike is requred as with most bikc cases. It is not designed for bikes with ISP (integrated seat post). Once the bike is removed form the case, the case fold down very small dimension. This leaves plenty of room in the rental car or van.

It retail for about $600. Giles, the rep, said that when he travels with this case he has not been hit with bike fees. Technically the case is oversize so, one may still pay oversize luggage fees when air traveling.

1. Knog Party Frank Lock

All of the Knog products are based on “fun”. Knog has a unique design philosophy, each item is unique in its design. Taking the basic and turning it into a truly unique and fun item.

Take for example the bike lock, most are basic and boring and utilitarian in looks. Now Knog has turned it into an item you want to show off; great colors, great tactile feeling…friendly. The Party Frank (shown here) is the answer to the heavy/ugly looking U lock. It is heavy duty braided loose bound steel cable with fibre core (making cable more secure in the event of bolt cutter attack) with a non mark/scratch surface outer silicone covering that comes in 8 fun colors. It’s straight length is 620mm (24 in), so that should be able to wrap around a good size pole along with your bike/wheel.

2 more review to come……


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