Delays in Posting

Chicago reports have now been posted…. dated August 30th.

Fortunately I have been busy (that means making cashola).

Unfortunately I have not been able to get to my blog. I owe a race report for Chicago Triple Challenge-MTB division where I was the overall champion. It was my first “A” race of the year.

And two weeks later headed to Sandusky, Ohio for the final Rev3 race of the year. A full iron distance at Cedar Point. There I met up with may Team Trakkers members we I think we domitated the podioum in my opinion. I raced better than I was expecting with a finsh time of 10:34, 2nd in AG.

report in progress.

Rev3 events are the best race venues going these days. Great atmosphere and vibe, very competitive with not too many over zealots. Can’t wait ’till next year where I am sure they will continue to grow in athlete attendants and tweek the events to be even better.

Congrats Rev3 for a great season of racing!

full updates to follow  “shortley”

off to Interbike next week and LV half IM at the end of the week.

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