Running in Kinvara

My legs (and feet) are in love. Had the opportunity to races in theses shoes and they are great. Light and fast. only a few training runs.

As mentioned previously they are following the latest trend, minimal and with a slightly lower heel. Yes, I do notice a bit more train on the calves but I have adapted. My calves do get get pretty sore after hard long outings, still effects form my plantar Plantar fasciitis which is now under control. I need to roll the calf with my stick and do calf stretches. Important no matter what shoe one uses.

I’ve raced in a  few triathlons….. a 1.5 miler (fastest run there in 3 attempts), a 5k within 3 seconds of my fastest despite not being in true running condition, and a pretty fast 10k (after one of my fastest 40k <5th fastest ever> bike splits which happened to be on a mountain bike). All in one week end! This was at the Chicago Lifetime Triathlon – Triple Challenge, MTB division.

My next race will be at Rev3 CedarPoint, iron distance. I am not expecting a PR for the run segment due to not having enough training miles. However, due to the  lightness and comfort of the shoes I plan on having a descent run until my leg muscles fill up with lactate acid.

The shoes are not perfect but they are pretty dam close. The insole is waver thin and non supportive, but this make the overall weight of the shoe very minimal (450 grams size 6.5). The shoe does not accommodate my orthotic, and if they did I would be adding about 200 grams to the weight. I have discovered They are not the best for running on your toes, very minimal support. But if I run mid foot or fall back on my heels they offer great cushioning. Also, not sure how long the blown carbon soles will last. I hope to get a few marathons/ironmans out of them.. 6 months or so. Will keep you posted on that.

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