Report – Chicago Triathlon: Super Sprint

Chicago Triathlon: Super Sprint
part of the Chicago Triple Challenge – MTB Division
Date: August 28th, 2010

Chicago is my second home. I spent 13 years here. It is truly one of the greatest cities in the world. My running career was reborn hear after a 5 year absence. My first triathlon was the Mrs T’s Triathlon (it was a mountain bike division). I love coming back to visit and race here.

The Chicago Triathlon (Lifetime Fitness now) is still the world’s largest, I think there are about 8,500 participant throughout the weekend. The last few years I have returned to participate in the Triple Challenge (road bike – came in 4th overall both times). This year the organizers added a MTB (tires must be minimum 1.70 wide) division to the Triple Challenge… I was all over that the minute it was announced. This year I will be using my modified Dahon Flo.

Raced with my old Spinergy 4 spoke front rim.

The Triple Challenge consists of 3 races over the week end. Saturday is the Fleet Feet Super Sprint race held up at Foster Avenue Beach. Then on Sunday the Sprint (wave 1) and one of the last waves for the Olympic distance triathlon. There is close to a 2 hour break after the Sprint race. The sooner one finishes the Sprint the more rest one gets.

This was my first “A” race of the season. Time to really open up and see how my foot recovery is going. I have been training hard for this race and the Rev 3 Cedar Point race. This was going to be a good test.

Arriving early in Chicago, a Wednesday night, I found my way to my friend abode, Lake Point Tower. Assembeled my bike so I could get an eary traning session in on the lake front the following morning.

……….more to come….. sorry had to depart for the week …..Interbike 2010, Las Vegas.

so nowI continue:

Thurdsay: Test out bike situation and make some final adjustment while riding up the Lakeshore path to Saturdays event location. about a 9 mile ride. Then test out water conditions with an .93 mile open water swim starting at Ohio Street Beach. Pretty good chops make the swim a little interesting. I’ve been in 4 to 5 footers before, not quite that good today. This is the main open water training spot if you live in Chicago and end the day with some New Market  Services business associates. Oh ya, it was easier to jog/run over to Greek Town than to catch a cab (or waste money).

Friday: Race expo and packet pock up after an easy am 3 mile jog followed by another swim with similar conditions as yesterday. Pretty much an off day. Want to keep the legs and feet fresh. Yes, I did Stick the legs and the hardball under the feet to stimulate the nerves and increase blood flow. It’s a daily ritual now.

The expo is pretty big, think it is the largest to mach the world’s largest triathlon. One should always take advantage of an expo even if not participating in the event. Free product/food samples, often free messages or some sort of body examination, and possibly a great deal/price on products not available any where else.

Saturday: Up massively early (4:30 am or so) to ride bike up to race location, and claim my ideal bike rack spot. Racks were assigned per wave only. Chose optimal location for the fastest run exit possible. seven so I had a long time to kill. Think I was in wave The Super Sprint consisted of 375M swim, 10K bike & 2.5K run. The swim was more like a “Dolphin” swim due to the shallow placement of buoys. Swim went fine, think I was 2 or 3rd out of the water (in my group) with a pretty good run distance to the transition zone where I think I was first out of T1. The bike course was 3 loop course in the park’s parking lot. Not really long enough to really get the motor going with all the people on course. Safety is issue 1, then speed. Then a quick sprint to hand up the bike in T2 and off for a quick and short run. For these short races (all events this weekend)  I always use Pyro Platforms… bike in run shoes, no shoe switching in T2…very fast transition times. My first real race in my Saucony Kinvara (Team Trakkers colors) shoes. Light and fast.

Results: 14th OV – 1st AG (that is 40-49 group out of 81 in division). For this particular race the MTB division is not differentiated from the road bike. They are on equal terms. The bike split was 2 minutes slower than last years where I used my tri bike (a Ritchey BreakAway custom build). That’s why I came here to race… WIN!

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5 thoughts on “Report – Chicago Triathlon: Super Sprint

  1. How much actual swimming did you do during the fleet feet supersprint triathlon?How far do you run out before the swim begins?

    thanks a response would be greatly appreciated


    • this year was the least amount of swimming ever. maybe 50 strokes in all. Mostly “dolphining”. In previous years I have swam about half of the course and the other half dolphin.

  2. thanks for the info. I have a cycling background and i think I am going to try and compete in this next year. I was searching for info and you have a nice site. Best of luck in your endeavors

    • needed to use some shims to adapt to the clip-on clamp diameter, since my handle bar was not match diameter needed.
      I has to cut the standard shim in half for my custom installation needs.

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