Report – Chicago Triathlon: Sprint

Chicago Triathlon: Sprint
part of the Chicago Triple Challenge – MTB Division
Date: August 29th, 2010

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Sunday: Up about  the same time as yesterday. T1 for the Sprint and Olympic is only about 1/4 mile away from where I am staying… Same gig here racks assigned per wave then a free for all for choosing the optimal spot. The transition zone at this race is HUGE, there are over 7,000 bikes. Took forever to find wave 1 racks, but found it and was just enough room at the end to squeeze in after decided to change ends of the rack (the rack was over 75 yards long!) This time I wanted advantage for quickest bike exit and return.  I think wave 1 went off at about 6:40 early for a triathlon but still plenty of time before heading off to the swim start. The swim is held in Belmont Harbor. The start is about 3/4 mile away from transition, that makes the swim exit more than 1/4 mile away. I believe this is the long run to transition in all of triathlon. Longer than the one (I mean hill) for IM Korea.

Representing Team Trakkers for the main races of the week end – Go Green!

Sprint Race: Nothing out of the ordinary here. Bike course is much safer with wider tires cruising up and down Lakeshore Drive, many many crack that one needs to pay attention to. Just remembered, some how my chain had dropped of the big chain ring and did not realize until starting to pedal, had to hope back off the bike to fix and hit the road.  I had previously disengaged  the front derailleur because this course is a big ring only!This is a course where one can really go fast (only one turn) and if the wind is working for you take advantage of it.

Results: 1:15:23,  2nd OV – no age groups. I think the guy who who did not have proper tires. He would have won anyways due to his great swim and run.  Not what I wanted or was expecting. I anticipated 1st OV.


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