Report – Chicago Triathlon: Olympic

Chicago Triathlon: Olympic Distance
part of the Chicago Triple Challenge – MTB Division
Date: August 29th, 2010

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Olympic Race: After a couple of hours after finishing the sprint race, it was show time for the main event. There are several ways of approaching the Triple Challenge; one can choose a race and go for it… all out,  race all three evenly or go all out and hope one does not fall apart. IM is my base training so I do a bit of all three approaches…be smart but still go all out.

The swim was again a no brainer. I have been working on my stroke leading up to this event and hope to see some improvement in time (no improvement but in the not out of my normal range). Out of swim exit, slippers are pretty much essential to protect the feet. I have my favorite 5 dollar pink “Clogs” I bought at Target in Boulder City, NV before the LV half ironman I did a few years ago.

Into transition, finish removing my Synergy Endorphin wetsuit ( I am a Synergy dealer and offer great prices at PedPowerPerform Lab) slip into my Saucony running shoes and head off out of transition. I was anticipating to have a slower average speed from the morning race since it seemed as thought the wind was gong to pick up. As it turned out I had one of my fastest bike splits ever – including regular tri bike splits. Why? Well, I was chasing and yelling at a bandit bike on the course. This guy was an obvious stand out… fanny pack, old style bike helmet, had to detect the non matching bike numbers. He was gong very fast and it made me angry he could possibly be interfering with others people race that were paid for. I chased and yelled on and off (all at USAT legal distances) for more than one lap. He would go ahead and I would end up catching him over and over again. Then on the final lap the relay bikers were on course. One guy on this cool Specialized Transition was about to pass me and I told my self I will show him… This MTB is going to kick your ass or at least make you feel bad. Of course with in USAT rules I was right with him back an forth for the final 5 mile stretch. The wind never halted my forward progress, if anything it was an aid. I was amazed at my average speed, 22.4 miles and hour..on a mountain bike! My run was not too handful effected by my hard effort on the bike (must have been the Rotor Q-Rings (they do work, and I am a dealer). No wind on the run but many complained about the excessive heat and humidity, not me… I’ve live here and raced in hotter/more humid spots. Managed a very good run split passing aof other guys who beat me earlier in the day (they were in the road bike Triple division)

Results: 2:22:24,  1st OV – no age groups. Mission accomplished.

Overall Result: 1st Place Triple Challenge – MTB Division

Think this will be my last year racing the ChicagoTriathlon for a while, I have come full circle on this one.


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