Solana Beach Triathlon-Full Report

sorry for the delay on this one.

As I have mentioned in other post I have been not racing much this year and was very excited to see how my training, and foot issues are coming along. I have been tweaking my swim stroke a little, working hard on my cycling fitness & endurance, and slowing adding distance to my long runs (up to 20 miles as of this date).

This is the 2nd year that the Triathlon Club of San Diego has been the title sponsor of this event. It is a great local event that bring pros athletes over from AZ and down from LA, oh ya and may nationally ranked athletes right here in San Diego. It’s world class competition in age group racing. Seeing my fellow competitors (most whom are friends/acquaintances) I was just hoping for a top 8 finish in my age group.

The Swim
I learned a lot of what to do after May’s sprint triathlon in Encinitas. It’s about entry into the ocean and exiting. Check out this video (at 2:52) and see how much time this guy saved. I usually can catch a wave but this video showed new light on how it is done. I also work on surf entry, diving over white water rather than funning thru it. I felt I had a solid swim exiting with the top of the “b” group.  Our swim wave was about one minute slower that the earlier groups due to a change in sea conditions. This swim exit has a long run up the beach then up a good 75 yard hill and then another 150 yards or so until entering transition. (11:14, 8th in AG)

Each age group division was in the same area so one could see how many bike were gone or still hanging. Since T1 is so long, I took advantage of the distance to have my BlueSeventy Reaction wetsuit off before entering.  Quickly put on my helmet and shoes and get out of T1 as soon as possible. There were other guys right there and I did not want too loose any time to them. Unfortunately this event does not have separate transitions time. They are added into the bike and swim.

The Bike
Right out of the gate there were three of us battling it out. I did not know who they were initially until I let the pass. We played cat an mouse for the 2 loop course. We played by the rules, not drafting and keep your distance, back an forth several time. I worked very had  since I knew exactly where my competition was. The last section of straight away before heading into was getting a bit congested with other bikers. I increased my intensity here (i used to live and ride in Chicago traffic and enjoy riding in congested circumstances, and it payed off. I gained a few extra seconds. (25:54, 6th in AG)

One of my fastest ever. For these spring races, I bike in running shoes with the aid of Pyro Platforms. This allows for dam fast T2 times and right out on the run after quickly hanging the bike and tossing off the helmet. I gained about 20 seconds or more on the competition who have to stop and actually put on their shoes.

The Run
This was going to be a good test. I have not been doing any speed work. Just a few TCSD Aquathons. The run has all ways been my strong point, either catching those faster bikers with big legs or increasing my least on the competition. However this year, my run has fallen off the cliff due to time (actually miles) off from earlier issues and still being a little timed with pressing too hard.  I knew there were several in my group ahead of me so I had to to my best to catch. The run also was a two looper. I was looking for guys with “older/distinguished” looking features to try to figure out where I was in comparison. Several ended up being in the younger group, thank goodness. I was only able to catch one guy who passed me on the bike but I put a lot of distance on him on the run…can yo say “see ya.” And I was able to hold of a couple other hard charging guys including Steve Tally who actually had a faster run split than me (this time). If this was a USAT sanctioned event he would have been in the next age group up. I hope I am running that well in a few years! (19:09, 6th in AG)

So when the dusted settled, I ended up 6th in the age group and 58th overall. The top 12% of our group finished under the magic 1 hour. This was the most competitive and fun race I have been a part of in a long time.


race images sorry not available.


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