Shoe test fitting – Saucony Kinvara

I’m still looking to exchange my Saucony Fastwich 4 to a smaller size. Usually I wear a 10 in Saucony, but for the Fastwich they decided to change the sizing, so my size 10 sit on the shelves (I need a size 9.5).

While hoping to make an exchange at one of the local shoe stores, Movin Shoes in Encinitas, I did a quick sizing of the Kivara. I was surprised at how comfortable they were. It follows the “minimal” trend. The shoe rides lower to the ground with added cushioning to the forefoot.

Be aware that this trend in shoe design, the body reacts differently. More stress will be but on calves. So extra thought must be considered before going out for a run with these new type of shoes. Start mileage build up slowly, stretch calves before and after. I suggest midway thru the run even if the calves feel just fine.

Back to the shoes… Comfort is amazing. I felt as if my foot was “free”. Could be why Nike calls their similar in class shoe Free. Mind you, I did not have a chance to go out for a run, so I do not know how the uppers will control the mechanics of my stride. Will it control my pronation? will it be good completely compatible with my orthotics?

I see Saucony has recently added new Limited Edition colors (shown below is the unofficial Team Trakkers Green) to the Kinvara line. This is a shoe definitely on my short list.


2 thoughts on “Shoe test fitting – Saucony Kinvara

  1. The more I wear mine, the more I love ’em. Definitely pick up ’em next time you need a new pair of kicks. I haven’t heard of a single person that has been disappointed with ’em yet.

    Plus, they look pretty sick too.

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