Training coming along… sort of.

I’ve peen posting most of my training activities on dailymile and Garmin Connect accounts. One thing yo will not is missing swim workouts. You’r right I have been lazy on getting to the gym for pool work and gray skies in the am have kept me away from the open water. Yep all bad excused.

With my big race, an iron distance,  Rev3, Cedar Point in September not too far away, I need to get my act on tract or it will be a suffer fest.  Cycling training is gong great.  I feel strong on the bike and believe this will be my strongest segment of the event. In the past the bike has been my weakest. Training with power and efficiency has been the key. Bulk miles with my bike in road set up makes the tri position feel so good and powerful. Hundred milers ever week does not hurt either.

Running is still a little tentative as not quite sure of my plantar fasciitis situation. Been increasing milage slowly with maximum run about 11 miles, done mostly on sand to soften the impact. Testing here and there with a few short races to see if any speed and leg turn over is there. Endurance is the concern and purpose of my training.

My swimming is relying on previous experience. I have however been re-evaluating my swim stroke by studying and mimicking Mr Smooth. I have adjusted my hand insertion angle (as not to be a backstop) and hand exit (don’t need extra push back). Open water swimming really messes up stroke technique. It is definitely not the same as pool swimming. You have to adjust per conditions one encounter… people, water current, crashing waves, floating sea weed…etc.

The next couple of weeks will focus on endurance and rest. Couple of racing event are on the calendar and I want to be in top form so after the long rides and runs extra rest and recovery will be a focus. That rest will be easy work out in the pool; concentrating on stroke technique.

The next couple of weeks will be a telling point of how the rest of the season will go.

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