Running with Orthotics

Finally received my orthotics and had a few chances to run in them.
(mold taken by Dr. Nordyke up in Ventura before he performed the cryosurgery. Looks like OC Orthotic Lab Services made the sport orthotics.)

My orthotics seem like they add an inch or more to my height. It’s just that the heel has a deep crater to sit in and hold in its proper position. Need to stop my nasty foot roll (pronation) upon landing.

Directions say start slow, 1 hr day 1, 2 hours day 2,  3 hrs day 3, etc….

I will only be using for athletics since I do not do a lot of walking during the day.

Walked around the house the fist day for about an hour and a half, noticed my calf muscles being a bit tender. Did some calf stretches and used The Stick to help out.

Day 2: A “fast” 4 miler, as part of the TCSD Club race. Inserted in my older Saucony Tangents. Would need to trim the orthotics if I was to use only in these shoes.

Day 3: A  very slow run 4 miler. Orthotics fit nicely in my Saucony Pro Grid Triumph 7. Calves a bit more sore this time. Later in the day, did a fast 2 x 2 mile run, again in the Tangents.

My quads were pretty sore during this time, and my calves were also sore (think from no shoe running on a fast 2 mile sand run. Which was my first run in 6 or so weeks after my cryosurgery.

Today, the DOMs are just about gone, wanted to run a little but muscles said “No thank you”

For cycling I use a pair of ALine insoles. They do a great job of holding my foot in a neutral position, so no special orthotics needed.

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