2010 Quarterly report, May

In previous years by mid May I would have competed in about  5 ore 6 competitions (runs and triathlons), however this year is a little different. I’ve been nursing chronic plantar fasciitis since mid last year. I have tried various treatment and continued to train and race with the condition. I was expecting it to be an easy ailment to get over. Competing in 2 ironmans and a half distance (World Championship and the Great Floridian  and Silverman Half) in 6 weeks late last years did not help the matters.

2010 started with some club races but my real work required quite a bit of time and my training dropped off quite a bit. Biking when the opportunity arrived, and only swimming  and running once a week or so. Finally work cleared up for me to get a to 10 intensive training program in leading up to CA 70.3, but keeping running to a bare minimum (4 miles a week or so).

I was hoping for my foot to be ready for my season opener, CA 70.3, and in top shape by May for the inaugural Revolution 3 event in Knoxville. During the CA 70.3 event I actually tore my plantar , which turned out to be a good thing because it relieved a lot of tension in my foot, but that required me to totally stop running. This was only discovered before my Cryosurgery treatment at  the best podiatrist in Southern California area, Randolph Nordyke DPM in Ventura. An ultra sound was performed before the operation to see how much inflammation there was. My foot in question was 2x inflamed as my good foot.  The day before CA 70.3 it was also  2x inflamed by not torn.

Some people actually pay for the plantar to be cut to relieve tension (plantar fasciitis release) which has risks and quite a bit of down time.  But I saved myself some $$s when it happened on it own, but still needs full recovery time. I ended up choosing Cryosurgery as my last treatment options since heel pain returned about 10 days after Ca 70.3 . It is a “fairly” new treatment option for plantar fasciitis and has shown very good results when incorporated into a proper stretching and rest regiment. Forcing myself not to run has been pretty tough since it has been part of my routine for many years. I determined it was the best time in my schedule  for treatment so I could still have a competitive 2nd half of the  season.

After the Cryo treatment I have not had any foot pain which was expected and welcomed. It’s been 3 or 4 weeks now and my bike training has been going pretty good…feeling stronger and able to use bigger gears to get up the hills. My swim has been pretty lax and needs to get on track. Ocean temperature is warming up so, I should be able to hit is a couple a time a week with one or two additional pool session. And in another 10 days I will start up a running program…starting with 2 mile jogs with stretching before and after each session. I am ready and can’t wait for a quality 2nd quarter of 2010…bring it on!

Revolution 3 Knoxville – with Team Trakkers report to follow in a couple of days

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