Matching Green Saddles

Exclusive to Team Trakkers

Adamo/SM Saddles that “match” Team Trakkers colors.

About ISM Saddles
In just four short years, ISM has been the saddle of choice for Olympians, Ironman Triathlon Athletes, Professional European Bike Racers, and Weekend Warriors (names like Lance A (is experiment with), Michellie J., Sam Mc., Chrissie W., Amanda L. Chris M.). We have won countless events with our athletes and will continue to bring the best product and customer service to our customers. Our patented saddles are unisex and remove pressure off the pudendal nerve and arteries in both male and female riders for un-paralleled comfort.

Click on the link below the saddle to get specific saddle details. These Green saddles will have steel rails  (NOT the standard titanium). This will assist in reducing saddle cost but saddle will weight slightly more.

I am checking if any Team Trakkers members would be interested in one of these saddles. I am still checking availability/pricing with my supplier. If available, I will be able to offer “special” pricing. Let me know if interested, send me an Email.

ADAMO Racing (Triathlon Model)

ADAMO Road (Aerobar or non Aerobar Model)

ADAMO Breakaway (Road Racing Model)


One thought on “Matching Green Saddles

  1. Very cool! I just switched away from ISM – I did love the saddle, but it just wasn’t a good fit for me. I do recommend it for others though!!

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