CA 70.3 in the Books

I am very happy to say I had a better race than predicated and the body is felling “standard” soreness. My 10 day training program relied heavily on base volume and and race experience over the years.

Finish 5:19:20      Predicted 5:36 to 5:44
Swim 35:35                               38:00
Bike   2:49:04                           3:12:00
Run    1:47:53                           1:46:00      no sand run  at this years course

Equipment Notables
Swim: Neoprene cap a must when water temperature is hovering 60 degrees. Sable mirror goggles and Foggle wipes. The best goggle out there and insuring no fogging a simple wipe with SBR’s Foggle anti-fog wipes are a must. This swim course is directly into the sun on the return half.
Bike: Shimano Di2 with Rotor rs4x cranks. The electronic shifting allowed me to shift with out any hesitation. No slowing down to make sure I  do not drop a chain or mis shift. Di2 is the best speed gain equipment out there, Yes a bit pricy, but if your are needing that addition 4 to 6 minutes it is worth the investment. I set a PR for this bike course by over 3 minutes with only 2 quality training rides! If only I was in shape.
The full Rotor cranks aid in pedaling efficiency, reduced muscle fatigue, lower heart rate, less lactic acid build up… resulting in faster run times or at least race able to run.
Run: I decided to use my pair of  Suacony ProGrid Triumph 7 for the race. I wanted the added support, cushioning and motion control. My plantar fasciitis still hindered my performance and my Road Runner insoles caused some blistering. Nutrition was provided by 1st Endurance EFS liquid shot. The hand held flask worked out great for the run. Took a quick shot (about 1tsp) every couple of mile, with a bit of water to assist with digestion.

Recovery: Post race massage and lots of food. Had 3 deli sandwiches the day after the event. My plantar fasciitis  did not cause my foot to swell up, Iced my foot after the event, took some ibuprofen (sp??)  and of course some calf/achilles stretches, My plantar feels great! best in over 4 or 5 months. The race may have cured it!?

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