10 Day Cram Training for Cali 70.3

So, CA 70.3 is just ten days away (March 27th). My training never got going as planned; work, work, and rainy week ends, and oh ya that plantar faciiatis issue. Work has finally let up and my plantar issue is feeling pretty good on my short runs.

Finish time of 5:36 to 5:44 (previous best on this course is 5:03, never had a good race here)

Following is my planned “10 day cram”:
Day 1: Wed 17th – Bike 65 (Road bike)    done,  4:21   3900 ft climbing
Day 2: Thr 18th  –  Bike 30, run 6 done, bike 42 miles 3:05
Day 3: Fri 19th   –  Swim 30 min, Run 6   done,  run 8.64 miles   done, swim-Drills
Day 4: Sat 20th  –   Rest or Sprint TCSD Club race   done, race 1:22 and change
Day 5: Sun 21st   –  Swim, 30 min, CompuTrainer 1hr (Road bike) Rest day, Foot issue, barley walking
Day 6: Mon 22nd – Bike 65 miles  (TT set up) 10 miles on CompuTrainer
Day 7: Tue 23rd  –  Run 8 6 miles on CompuTrainer
Day 8: Wed 24th  – Swim 30 min Bike 25 miles (TT set up)   done- TT bike 61 miles 4:15
Day 9: Thr 25th  –  Run 8 Pool swim 40 minutes of drills
Day 10: Fri 26th –  Swim 30 min Recumbent stationary bike 15 minutes, hotel pool/jacuzzi15 minutes
Sat 27th  –   Race Day!

Keys to Finishing:
Maintain even tempo (keep wattage to 138-145). Hydrate often and take in plenty calories to maintain effort.

Swim: 0:38 (5 minutes slower than typical time)
Bike:  3:12  (18 minutes slower than typical… it’s a touch course)
Run:  1:46 (14 minute slower than typical)
That makes a time of  5:36, but I really hoping for a finish time of 5:24.

Watch for my race report and see how close I finish my prediction.

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