Shoe Review: Saucony ProGrid Triumph 7

Normally this would not be my shoe of choice but I wanted these so I could continue to run with my plantar faciiatis issue. I typically like a performance trainer, one that is less bulky, less weight and a lower ride height. But the Triumph 7 is  a great shoe for my purpose at the moment.

It is categorized as a “cushioning” shoe.  The ride hight is rather tall but I really did not notice when running. Its claim weight is 12.8 ounces. My typical shoe averages about 7 to 9 ounces (ei: Saucony Grid Fastwicth 4). The triumph’s extra weight is hardly noticeable since I am  currently running shorter distances at a slower pace.

The removable insole is one of the thickest I have ever seen. Actually too much for me but this is a cushioning shoe.  I have removed the original insole and replaced with Road Runner Support Plus insoles. (I tried the Super Feet insoles but they were not as supportive)  These insoles give me the added support to keep me from over pronating. This was determined by my recent visit to Road Runner Sports (one of the largest running shoe retailers) to analyze my stride. Without corrective insert my heel/arch/achilles showed some painful looking pronation. Now my foot is held in a neutral/correct position to help avoid injury.

Basic stride analysis was done while at The League Chiropractic (see previous blog), but Road Runner’s Shoe Dog offers in depth analysis.

Back to the shoes… I find these shoes to very comfy, toe box feels good… not too big and not too tight. Very supportive (with added insoles). I have not worn bearfoot yet, but is appears there are not a lot of seams inside to irritate the foot. It is well balanced between weight to cushioning. The shoe may look big and bulky but feels much lighter in use.  I certainly do recommend these shoes as long day trainer or a trainsion shoe for working back from injury.

Having a variety of shoes in the closet to choose form is important. A pair for fast runs, slow & long runs. This allows for your shoes to last longer and your body does not become over adaptive to any one thing.

Shown here are my RR insoles,  and gel heel support for that added plantar faciiatis protection.

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