Plantar Fasciiatis Update

This is a follow up to an earlier newsletter article and post. Brief background… I was struck by this ailment back in June (or so??) in 2009. I investigated and implemented self treatment, took anti-inflamitory pills, ART and Grasten treatment with only temporary relief.  Eventually I surcumed to a Cortizone shot the week of IM Worlds. My training was compromised and I just made it thru the season, my run training had pretty much dropped to zero, and have since only been running about 4 mile a week

While at the Carlsbad Marathon expo, I took advantage of one of the vendors, The League. The are a sports injury and chiropractic office in La Jolla. Dr. Chad Wells, DC was the doc I talked to about my plantar fasciitis and did a brief screening and informed me about the unique process they perform at The League. We discussed my athletic and injury history and success rates at their practice and how long typical treatment plans take and cost.

I had already spent a good chunk of change on treatment last year that did not bring me back to 75%. Since I am an athlete, I want to be at my peak to compete otherwise I would be wasting my time. They offer a special price for the first treatment and was almost promised guaranteed successful treatment.

Treatment process is unlike any other!

  1. Functional Hallux Rehabilitation – The process used to correct improper walking/ running biomechanics.
  2. Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation (QNR) – This is done by incorporating neurological activation, physical mobilization, and light therapy.
  3. Active Release Techniques (ART)- used to release scar tissue and adhesions . This acts to loosen up tight or spasmodic muscles, increase range of motion, correct improper biomechanics, and provide symptomatic relief.
  4. “homework” …foam rollers, The Stick, use of proper arch/foot support, stretching and ice.

I will have to say it was like magic!

Before, my left foot biomechanics were messed up; my foot bones were “locked up”, no range of motion. It was like a solid lever, very limited articulating movement. After the 40 minute session, full range of motion was back. Light therapy was the key along with adjusting my biomechanics.

My second appointment was to make sure sure my foot mobility was still there, and it was! Chad did a touch up with the 3 step process again. The ART treatment done to my foot and calf muscles was sooo painful but sooo good. It is very deep tissue manipulation to break up the scar tissue that had formed.

My third session, Chad video taped me on the treadmill from behind to see what my feet and shoes were doing, Was I a neutral runner? pornator? The video showed a painful pronation of the left foot. Repeat of step 1 and 3 of treatment process.

Session Four. a quick Functional Hallux Rehabilitation adjustment and ART.

Homework is an integral part of  the process. Only 2 minutes of  a day is needed. Stimulate the area to get blood flow. I continue to wear the Strassburg sock at night. I purchased a set of RoadRunner comfort+ plus to keep my feet from pronating.

I have been using a biomechanical gel heel device for many months to cushion my heel.

Well, its been a month and a half since my initial treatment, and I would say I am about 85% back to “normal”. I wish it was 100%,. With my continual homework I should be there soon. My runs are pretty much pain free, not much heel pain during the day while at l work and my 1st morning steps are feeling good. The more I walk around and run the better my foot actually feels!

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis you NEED to find a facility that offers this treatment methodology or take a month vacation to San Diego California and visit The League. It is very unique and just about guaranteed treatment. You will see and feel results instantly. I am very greatful for the relief  The League had give me. Now I just have to find time to get my run training back on track.


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