1st Endurance: EFS Liquid Shot – First Impression

EFS… that Electrolyte Fuel System.

Finally has a chance to give it a test/taste last week. The ride was one of my standard 35 mile routes. Season is still early so my effort was not very intense. I wanted to see how the flavor was and see if it would be compatible to my stomach and all.

I purchased the large “refill” size. It is the most economical way to purchase since I already have a few refillable gel containers. I am not really a big fan of these containers. You see them all over the bike course. They

fall off the bike or miss their intended pocket. Drop it, any your out of luck and nutrition. I really don’l like putting all my marbles in one basket.

Since 1st Endurance is a great sponsor of Team Trakkers, I will make it work forme. May just have to carry 2 flasks.

EFS currently comes in one flavor Vanilla. The consistency is almost pudding like, a bit more viscous thought. It even looks like pudding. Texture wise, it is very good, not too syrupy and not to thick. The flavor/taste is actually great. It is like vanilla pudding. I could have emptied my flask in one shot.

I did not get any sugar buzz or extra energy feeling. Mind you, my riding effort was not very intense. I  will be doing a follow up review of 1st Endurance when I do harder rides were refueling will be highly critical to sustained the output level.


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