Shimano Di2TT

Spent too much time figuring out  the internal wiring for  my TT front end. Nytro Sport, who did the wiring, installed the wrong wiring harness (the one that hooks into the SIS). They did a perfect installation job on the complete Di2 road set up (including, crankset and brakes), however  did not verify the wiring for the TT set up.

Since the wiring harness has large connectors, I had to figure out how to feed the wires thru. After messing attempting and getting very close to getting the connectors thru the holes in the extension bars, I finally figured it out, make the holes larger! Duh, no brainer once I figured it out. Nytro may have had a special “fishing tool” when they installed the wrong wiring kit.

All good and now just a single wire to plug in when I swop the front end road set up for the TT front end, now more messing around with shift cable wires.

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