MCRD 5k Turkey Trot

November 20, 2009 start time 1pn (or 1300 hour)
San Diego, put on by the Community Services at Marine Core Recruiting Depot Grounds

This is a great event, 1 of 3 FREE races on the base during the year. Participle with hundreds of America’s Finest! Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force… all branches of the services represented. Come out for their April Shamrock and July Freedom Runs.

This race was an official 5k distance, the last several races have been only 3 milers. I participated in this event to test out the plantar of my left foot. It is still giving me some concern, but I had to set out with a pretty good effort. This week is rest and relaxation, so I only ran about 12 miles on 2 different runs.

I forgot to bring my new Garmin 310xt. I wanted to get data on my heart rate and pace. Not having, I can only guess my heart rate was way up there (guessing 165 for most of the race). I ran out of gas the last half mile of the race where I got passed by a few people. I had to give them encouragement as they went (or blew) by. It’s enjoyable to cheer others in their success and hard efforts! I think they like the motivation also.

Finish: 18:36, call that a 6:00 pace.


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