TCSD November Club Race

That’s Triathlon Club of San Diego (TCSD)
Saturday November 12, 2009
Fiesta Island

800 yrd swim, 12.5 mile bike and 4 mile run

Calm, and sunny day in November. Smaller crowd  (about 100) compared to the last couple of races where there were over 150 participants.

Decided to sport the Fluid one-piece outfit today. Have to spread the love around for those organizations that help me. Since it’s not an “official” race I am not wearing my “required” kit.

Swim: Typical 800 yards if buoys are placed correctly. Water about 66° by my guess. Course is in a sheltered area so quite flat conditions. Just have to swim straight lines to the 2 buoy course. swim split fo 11:18

Bike: 5 loops around the big circle. No wind to push and no wind to slow you down. Nothing to mention here its just go go go as yoou can. bike split: 37:25, includes t1.

Run: 2 loops of the small circle. Get to test out my plantar fascia issue. Not been running much as do not want to aggrivate the situation. Picked off about 5 people or more here. run split: 25:34, includes t2.

Finish: top 10 overall with time of 1:14:17

photos courtesy Dawn Copenhaver

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